Monday, January 18, 2010

Mizithra and Brown Butter Pasta Dish

Tonight's dinner was Mizithra and Brown butter over some sauteed chicken and pasta . . . delish!

The mazithra and brown butter is my favorite thing to order from Spaghetti Factory, and on one of my sister's visits out we brought home the leftovers, where cut to the next night, she browned some chicken and threw together a delicious meal for us!

Well shopping the other night I saw mazithra cheese and decided on a whim to throw it in the cart, and lucky me that I did!

Tonight I tried my hand at browning butter for the first time, which I've been wanting to try for a while now, and it turned out perfect if I do say so myself! And it's super easy at that, just throw a stick of butter in a pot and wait till it browns . . . it started foaming up at the end so I had to stir it to see the color, but it was perfectly golden brown. Once the butter has browned chill bottom of pot in cool water to keep the butter from burning. I fully expected to have to try it at least twice, but once was all it took!!!
I sauteed some cut up chicken in olive oil, cooked some pasta, grated some mizithra and what do you know; I had a super yummy, fairly easy dinner that felt both fancy and restaurant esq!


Timbra Wiist said...

yummo, this was a delish dish, and probably a LOT less expensive made at home :) can't wait to see what you come up with on this blog, but shhhhh. . . no sharing family secrets :)

The Homemaker said...

mmm, a fav of our family as well! I typically save it for summer time and toss in some "heirloom" tomatoes! DE-lish!
Didn't know you had a second blog, too fun!

Anonymous said...

looks good!

Kara Lane said...

Haha...I made this dish after I dropped leftovers from spaghetti factory. I was soo looking forward to my leftovers, but since they were ruined, I made myself some more. It is now a favorite of our to eat!