Friday, January 22, 2010

A Baker's Hope

One thing I aspire to in my "kitchen skills" if you will, is the ability to measure things without actually measuring them. I want to know how much olive oil is enough simply by sight, and how much salt is enough simply by weight. It's something I've long since envied in all the "professionals." So this year I've decided to take it upon myself to teach myself the proper amount just by the feel in my hand (for the dry stuff of course).

Now most of the time when it comes to baking precision is a must because your looking for the proper chemical reaction, so for now I'm just practicing with salt and vanilla . . . because my philosophy is you can never have too much vanilla!!! And the salt, we'll that I've been pouring into my hand, and then from there into the measuring spoon to see how close I am . . . I'm pretty excited to say that so far I've been almost spot on ever time, so maybe it will be an easier skill to teach myself than I thought!

For now I'm off to bake some cupcakes . . .

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Timbra Wiist said...

what did you use all that butter for? i want to see some recipes. ..that's like a normal week of butter consumption around here too. . . you'll realize when you start making lots of things yourself, butter seems to go quickly . . .eek!. . .speaking of butter, my wv is "gressi" it's like GREASY with an accent!